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Why should we be concerned about compliance if our business is not in finance, healthcare, or otherwise not subject to existing data protection regulations?

All organizations have trade secrets, proprietary information, business plans, employee information and other valuable data that they wish to protect

In order to protect proprietary information an organization needs to establish and document a disposition program to display that reasonable efforts are being taken to thwart breaches and exposure of confidential information. 

Your expectation of privacy for your confidential information is forfeited when information is haphazardly discarded. A key component of successfully litigating against information theft, and being compensated for the unfair use of your trade secrets, could well be documentation of reasonable measures to protect such data. 

Furthermore, many business outside of the healthcare and financial services industries run credit checks or employee background checks and are unknowingly subject to regulations such as FACTA. For example FACTA requires companies to have identity theft protection plans that include written policies, procedures, and breach notification plans. 

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