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What is the role of the Basel Action Network (BAN) in the e-Stewards CertificationProgram?

A: The Basel Action Network (BAN) is the owner and administrator of the e-Stewards
Certification Program. As the program administrator, BAN is responsible for:

  1. Developing and maintaining the e-Stewards Standard and associated policies and
  2. Accrediting and overseeing e-Stewards certification bodies
  3. Licensing and authorizing the use of the e-Stewards name and logo by certified
  4. Providing training, resources, and support to program participants and stakeholders
  5. Conducting performance verifications, including unannounced inspections and GPS
    tracking audits
  6. Investigating and enforcing program requirements, including the issuance of critical nonconformities
  7. Promoting the e-Stewards program and advocating for responsible electronics recycling
    BAN is a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing the export of toxic waste to developing
    countries and promoting sustainable solutions for electronic waste. Through its administration of
    the e-Stewards program, BAN seeks to advance the highest standards of environmental and
    social responsibility in the electronics recycling industry.