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What information do you need for a liquidation quote?

Many customers don’t know where to start or what info to provide to get a liquidation quote. The biggest item you need is an inventory including models, part numbers, serials, or service tags.

In order for us to provide an IT liquidation quote we will need an accurate inventory of the equipment you’re looking to dispose of. The more asset, service level requirements, and site details you can provide the more our accurate the asset liquidation quote will be.

Typically it’s best to include:

  • Model
  • Part Number
  • Serial Number or Service Tag (One example for each similar item)
  • Detailed Specs (Whenever possible, in some cases Serial Numbers / Service Tags will suffice)
  • Quantities

For Servers & Storage Equipment Provide:

  • Hard drive part number and quantities
  • Processor part number and quantities
  • RAM part number and quantities
  • Detailed Specs (Whenever possible, in some cases Serial Numbers / Service Tags will suffice)

For Networking Devices Provide:

  • Full Long-tail Cisco or OEM part number (ie. WS-C2960S-48FPS-L)
  • Include Part Number of All Cards and Modules

For Apple Provide:

  • Part Number & Order Number
  • Serial Number

If you can’t provide a detailed inventory please provide pictures or a basic inventory to one of our representatives and we can walk you through the easiest way to collect the necessary details. This is always a good idea before going and doing a detailed inventory as our experts can help you determine what if any additional details are actually needed to quote. 

Please feel free to use our inventory template and guide here: Inventory Work Book

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