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How do you determine what our equipment is worth?

IT equipment valuations are determined by the actual selling price of equipment and our real time secondary market data.

For clients that regularly dispose of equipment on a fair market value or consignment model the value provided back after processing and settling an order is a revenue share calculated from the final sale price of each item. 

When clients and prospects ask us for proposals or pricing schedules we use real time secondary market analytics to determine the current value of a given lot of equipment. 

The value of equipment is based less on usability or quality of equipment and governed more by the basic laws of supply and demand. For example if your company is looking to sell off over 1,000 Dell R720 servers, going to market with that many servers could drive the price down. When the market hears that a large amount of a certain device is pending release it will adjust and negatively effect your bottom line. 

As a sophisticated ITAD provider IT AMG understands the importance of timing, discretion and reputation. There are definitely some tricks to this trade, and we have been perfecting these strategies since 1999.

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