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What are the key environmental, health, and safety requirements of the e-Stewards Standard?

A: The e-Stewards Standard includes a range of requirements designed to protect worker health
and safety, prevent environmental pollution, and ensure responsible management of electronic
waste. Some of the key environmental, health, and safety (EH&S) provisions include:

  1. Implementing an EH&S management system aligned with ISO 14001 or RIOS
  2. Identifying and complying with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements
  3. Conducting regular risk assessments and implementing controls to mitigate identified
  4. Properly managing hazardous electronic waste and materials of concern
  5. Providing appropriate training, personal protective equipment, and safeguards for
  6. Monitoring and controlling environmental impacts, such as air and water emissions
  7. Establishing emergency preparedness and response plans
  8. Maintaining appropriate insurance coverage and financial assurances for facility closure
    The standard also requires certified organizations to extend these EH&S requirements to their
    downstream vendors and material flows, ensuring responsible management throughout the
    recycling chain.