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What are the requirements for becoming an e-Stewards certified recycler?

A: To become an e-Stewards certified recycler, an organization must meet a comprehensive set
of requirements outlined in the e-Stewards Standard. Key steps and requirements include:

  1. Implementing an environmental, health, and safety management system that meets the
    requirements of ISO 14001 or RIOS.
  2. Developing and maintaining documented policies, procedures, and records demonstrating
    conformance to the e-Stewards Standard.
  3. Contracting with an e-Stewards accredited certification body for auditing and
    certification services.
  4. Undergoing initial and ongoing audits to verify conformance with the full e-Stewards
    Standard, including annual surveillance audits and re-certification every three years.
  5. Addressing any non-conformities identified during the audit process in a timely manner.
  6. Meeting e-Stewards performance verification requirements, including unannounced
    inspections and GPS tracking audits.
  7. Executing a licensing agreement with the Basel Action Network (BAN) and paying
    applicable fees.
  8. Maintaining ongoing conformance to the e-Stewards Standard and participating in
    required training and reporting activities.
    Organizations must also demonstrate a commitment to the responsible management of electronic
    waste, data security, and social accountability throughout their operations and downstream
    recycling chain. This includes properly managing hazardous materials, ensuring safe and ethical
    labor practices, and exercising due diligence over downstream vendors.