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What are the requirements for brokering in the R2 Standard?

Q: What is the purpose of Appendix F – Brokering in the R2 Standard?

A: Appendix F – Brokering of the R2 Standard outlines the requirements for organizations that engage in brokering activities, which involve sourcing and controlling the delivery of equipment, components, or materials directly to a downstream vendor without the items physically passing through the R2 certified facility. The purpose of this appendix is to ensure that R2 certified facilities apply the same R2 requirements to all brokered R2 Controlled Streams, even if they do not physically handle the material.

Q: What are the key requirements for brokering in Appendix F of the R2 Standard?

A: The key requirements for brokering, as outlined in Appendix F of the R2 Standard, include:

  1. Declaring and documenting all brokering activities within the scope of the R2 certification.
  2. Conducting due diligence on all downstream vendors receiving brokered R2 Controlled Streams in accordance with Appendix A – Downstream Recycling Chain.
  3. Maintaining conformance to all applicable legal requirements for brokered materials and activities.
  4. Ensuring the security and proper management of brokered materials during transport in accordance with the R2 Standard’s transportation requirements.
  5. Adhering to the R2 Standard’s requirements for tracking and documenting the flow of brokered R2 Controlled Streams.

By adhering to these requirements, R2 certified facilities engaged in brokering can ensure that all brokered materials are managed in accordance with the R2 Standard, even if they do not physically handle the material, promoting responsible practices throughout the electronics recycling supply chain.