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What do I need to do to prepare for a scheduled pickup?

Communicate, confirm, organize, relax!

Communicate any obstacles, security, health & safety, material management, or site concerns with your Account Manager. Ideally we have done this and have a good plan in place before scheduling, but if not we are here to help and can solve problems even with a small window of notice.

Make sure to get in writing from building management or facilities teams that IT AMG’s access is scheduled and approved. Make sure to check that your building has our access documents, building passes, security clearances or COI documents on file and approved. You may also want to confirm that your direct supervisor has approved the project and time you will need to coordinate with our crew. 

We ask that the equipment be reasonably organized, consolidated, and quarantined or otherwise identified for disposal. We understand space is limited so just let us know what you need and we will do everything possible to make the removal as smooth as possible. 

Lastly, relax, our team is going to do all of the heavy lifting. Just be prepared to point out what is leaving and what not to touch and we will do the rest! 

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