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What are the requirements for responsible disposition of electronic waste under the eStewards Standard?

A: The e-Stewards Standard sets strict requirements for the responsible management and
disposition of electronic waste, with a focus on protecting human health and the environment.
Some of the key requirements include:

  1. Properly identifying, segregating, and handling hazardous electronic waste
  2. Prohibiting the export of hazardous electronic waste to developing countries
  3. Ensuring that downstream vendors are licensed, permitted, and capable of processing
    materials safely
  4. Verifying proper recycling, recovery, or disposal of materials through downstream due
  5. Maintaining detailed records of material flows and downstream disposition
  6. Prioritizing reuse and refurbishment over recycling or disposal where appropriate
  7. Implementing a comprehensive management system for controlling and tracking
    electronic waste
    The standard includes specific requirements for the management of materials of concern, such as
    mercury, lead, beryllium, and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), as well as restrictions on the
    use of certain disposal methods like incineration or landfilling. The goal is to ensure that all
    electronic waste is managed safely and responsibly, from the point of collection through to final