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What is electronics recycling?

Electronics recycling refers to the breakdown and processing of e-waste to recover material, components, and raw commodities. Some definitions include the re-use, repair, refurbishment, and sale of surplus IT equipment.

Electronics recycling, e-waste disposal, or e-scrap processing all refer to managing surplus, broken, or otherwise discarded and unwanted electronics waste. In some cases electronics waste can include the salvage, liquidation, or donation of near end of life equipment that can be functioning or repaired to an operating status. 

Electronics waste generators range from households, schools, government agencies, small and large businesses. 

Electronics waste is a serious environmental concern and some electronic products contain hazardous materials. 

Many legislative bodies have instituted regulations for the disposal and management of electronics waste. For instance in the State of New York it is illegal to “curb” or send any regulated electronics waste to a landfill.

There are also third party standards such as the R2 Responsible Recycling and E-Stewards standards the certify electronics recycling plants and provide guidelines for the handling of e-waste.

At home or at your business it is suggested to research and properly vet your electronics recycling provider.

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