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What are the requirements for materials recovery in the R2 Standard?

Q: What is the purpose of Appendix E – Materials Recovery in the R2 Standard?

A: Appendix E – Materials Recovery of the R2 Standard outlines the requirements for the recovery of materials from end-of-life electronic equipment in an environmentally responsible manner. The purpose of this appendix is to ensure that R2 certified facilities maintain processes for the safe and effective recovery of materials while properly managing Focus Materials (FMs) and protecting workers, the public, and the environment.

Q: What are the key requirements for materials recovery in Appendix E of the R2 Standard?

A: The key requirements for materials recovery, as outlined in Appendix E of the R2 Standard, include:

  1. Conducting regular hazards identification and assessment of the materials recovery processes and implementing appropriate controls to mitigate risks to workers and the environment.
  2. Maintaining processes for the safe and effective removal of FMs, such as mercury, batteries, and circuit boards, prior to shredding or materials recovery, unless the equipment is processed using specialized equipment designed to safely handle these materials.
  3. Sending removed FMs to appropriate processing, recovery, or treatment facilities that meet all applicable regulatory requirements and use technology designed to safely and effectively manage the materials.
  4. Implementing and maintaining a comprehensive Environmental, Health, and Safety Management System (EHSMS) to manage the risks associated with materials recovery processes.
  5. Evaluating each output stream from the materials recovery process and categorizing them according to the R2 Equipment Categorization (REC) for proper downstream management.

By adhering to these requirements, R2 certified facilities can ensure that materials recovery processes are conducted in a safe, responsible, and environmentally sound manner, minimizing risks to workers, the public, and the environment.