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What is a certificate of recycling?

A certificate of recycling is a document produced by a recycling company that states the receipt and confirms proper handling and processing of various types of waste.

Certificates of recycling are issued by service providers as a proof and legal statement that guarantees the proper handling, processing, disposal, reuse, and recycling of applicable waste. 

IT asset disposal providers should provide a corresponding manifest or at minimum weights and product categories for the assets covered under the certificate of recycling. Most certificates of recycling will include the address, client name, date of service, service provider’s name, signature of agent, company logo or letterhead, and statement confirming the scope of work performed.

A service provider’s certificate of recycling is a self-issued document and does not necessarily mean the provider holds any third party certifications or that the service provider’s processes, quality, or security practices have been audited or regulated in any way.

Many generators of waste (source clients) maintain disposal reports and certificates of recycling to satisfy environmental management audits and as proof for green initiative achievements. 

Specific attributes of a certificate of recycling can be defined by an organization’s security and management program requirements.

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