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What are the performance verification requirements for e-Stewards certified recyclers?

A: To ensure the integrity and effectiveness of the e-Stewards Certification Program, certified
recyclers are subject to ongoing performance verification activities administered by the Basel
Action Network (BAN). Key performance verification requirements include:

  1. Unannounced inspections: BAN may conduct unannounced inspections of certified
    facilities to verify ongoing conformance to the e-Stewards Standard and investigate any
    concerns or complaints.
  2. GPS tracking audits: Certified recyclers must allow for the use of GPS tracking devices
    in their electronic waste streams to monitor the downstream flow of materials and ensure
    responsible management.
  3. Annual reporting: Certified recyclers are required to submit annual reports to BAN
    detailing their electronic waste volumes, material flows, and downstream due diligence
  4. Cooperation with investigations: Certified recyclers must cooperate fully with any
    investigations or inquiries conducted by BAN or e-Stewards accredited certification
  5. Corrective action: In the event that non-conformities or performance issues are identified,
    certified recyclers must implement timely and effective corrective actions to address the
    root causes and prevent recurrence.
    Failure to meet performance verification requirements or engage in willful violations of the eStewards Standard may result in the issuance of critical non-conformities, suspension or
    withdrawal of certification, or other enforcement actions by BAN. The performance verification
    program helps to maintain the credibility and effectiveness of the e-Stewards Certification
    Program and ensure that certified recyclers are held accountable to the highest standards of
    responsible electronics recycling.