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What details will be provided in your disposal inventory report?

Our disposal reports will provide you with model, serial number, asset tags, conditions, and much more.

A full list of the default categories reported for IT asset disposal and electronics recycling are below. Reports can also be simplified or customized according to your needs. Reports will be accompanied with a corresponding certificate of destruction and recycling where applicable.

Lot Number

PO Number

Collection Date


Class Specific

Asset ID

Customer Asset Tag



Model Number

Serial Number




CPU Quantity

CPU Manufacturer

CPU Model

Part Number

CPU Speed

HD Capacity

HD Interface

HD Serial Number

HD Part Number

HD Service Performed

HD Service Status

Audit Technician

HD Removed

Total Memory

Memory Config

Memory Type

Memory Part Number

Battery Present

COA Label

Universal – Cosmetic

Universal – Functional

Universal – Missing

UI – Miscellaneous: Cosmetic

UI – Miscellaneous: Functional

UI – Miscellaneous: Missing

UI – Miscellaneous: Notes

UI – Miscellaneous: Other

Service Price

Purchase Price

Account Name

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