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What is the R2 Equipment Categorization (REC) reference document?

Q: What is the R2 Equipment Categorization (REC) reference document?

A: The R2 Equipment Categorization (REC) is a reference document used in conjunction with the R2 Standard v3.0. It provides a framework for evaluating electronic equipment, components, and materials, and categorizing their R2 condition throughout each step of the R2 process. The categories identified in the REC must be incorporated into an R2 certified facility’s categorization process and procedures, or a written cross-reference to existing internal categories must be maintained.

Q: How does the REC help in the R2 certification process?

A: The REC ensures consistency in the categorization of electronic equipment, components, and materials across all R2 certified facilities. By using the REC categories or maintaining a cross-reference to internal categories, facilities can demonstrate conformance to the R2 Standard’s requirements for sorting, categorization, and processing (Core Requirement 6). This standardized approach helps to streamline the certification process and promotes transparency in the handling of electronic equipment.