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Inventory Disposal Workbook

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Free Inventory Template

The first step to maximizing the value of IT asset disposal is taking an accurate inventory of your excess IT equipment. This free template will ensure your capture the most important data for generating accurate quotes.

IT and Data Disposition Program Management Guide


IT Disposal Program Management Template

It is critical that your business has written policies and procedures for the management of retired data and surplus IT equipment.  

This guide is a template for creating a new IT disposition program or to inform and improve a current program. 

Ask an ITAD

Data Sheets

Ask Us Anything

We developed the "Ask an ITAD" knowledge base for our customers and prospective partners to be able to access information about our services and the electronics recycling industry at their convenience.  This searchable resource covers items from planning, quoting, on-site service expectations, industry certifications, reporting, and service level options.  


Data Sheets

Vendor Recycling, Security, and Safety Checklist

Use this template as a road map for performing a site visit to an ITAD or electronics recycling vendor's site. This will help you document due diligence in selecting a vendor as well as display your commitment to regular review of your asset management practices.

ITAD Program Tips


5 Attributes of a Successful IT Asset Disposition Program

Government agencies, corporations, and various institutions are taking measures to improve IT asset management and disposition practices in order to mitigate risk of a data breach, achieve environmental initiatives, and ensure optimal financial performance. This piece provides some key knowledge for building a secure and efficient IT disposal program.



3 Myths About IT Asset Disposal and Electronics Recycling

Many companies in the electronics recycling and IT asset disposal industry utilize scare tactics and try to focus a buyer’s attention on false narratives to win new clients and increase profitability of contracts. We believe in transparency and educating our clients. Here are some facts in response to three common myths being disseminated by disposal service providers.

erase networking devices


Performing Erasure on Networking Devices

Storage devices and electronic media are not the only devices that require erasure and data destruction service levels in order to eliminate risks of causing a breach from an equipment disposition. Networking devices, routers, and switches hold sensitive information that in the wrong hands can be used to find entry to or otherwise compromise a network’s security.

Put a MSA In Place


Performing IT Asset Disposal Vendor Due Diligence

Part 1: Instituting a Master Service Agreement

On this first series of posts we will be focused on advising organizations on how to develop a packet of documents that will provide auditors a clear explanation of the asset disposal process, the roles of the key stakeholders involved, and the responsibilities of internal and third party providers.

visit your ITAD


Performing IT Asset Disposal Vendor Due Diligence

Part 2: Documenting a Site Visit to an IT Asset Disposal Service Provider

In this second installment of best practices for vetting a disposal vendor and documenting a process for electronic waste disposition IT Asset Management Group (ITAMG) is advising organizations to prepare for audits around eWaste recycling, environmental compliance, and data security for end of life media and IT assets by performing and documenting a site visit to the disposal vendor’s facility.

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