Minimize Your Risk with

Data Destruction Services

Data destruction: protect your information whether reselling or recycling.

Take no chances with sensitive data stored on computers, servers, and mobile devices when purging legacy media or selling and recycling your old IT equipment.

Why You Need ITAMG Data Destruction Services


Breach Protection

Sensitive private data stored in your equipment must be destroyed properly to avoid legal liability and costly exposure. 


Full Compliance

Our highly trained staff ensures that your data destruction complies with regulatory requirements and industry standards.


Mobile Capability

Our mobile unit can visit your location, erase data, and destroy devices, eliminating any chain of custody concerns or transportation related liabilities. 

Azad Molloy

“I’ve been using ITAMG a couple of years now for on-site data destruction. They’ve been able to accommodate me on a timeline that fits my schedule anytime I call for service. Punctuality, professionalism, communication and ease of doing business with ITAMG makes me a satisfied client.”

Azad Khan

IT Asset Manager, Molloy College

A Data Breach Can Cause Chaos at Your Business

Safe, Secure Data Destruction Limits Potential Liability

Erase Before You Sell

Eradicate and sanitize disk drives and servers so future owners cannot access data on them. Perform sanitization as early as possible to avoid internal breaches and reputation killing breaches.    

Stay Compliant

Whether erasing data or destroying devices, we meet or exceed the guidelines of NIST 800-88 and DoD Data Destruction (Department of Defense 5220.22-M).

Choose the Destruction Site

Our mobile unit can perform data destruction at your site, or we can transport your equipment to us. Either way, you will be provided detailed records of the destruction

Secure All Types of Media

No matter where your data resides we can destroy it: hard drives, DLT tapes, medical films, cell phones, PDAs, CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, floppy disks and more.

The ITAMG Advantage in Data Destruction

We use industry leading software and mechanically destroy hard drives to prevent the recovery of data from all types of electronic storage media.

Our services include:

                              • Serial number capture and confirmation of destruction with signature
                              • Auditable data destruction reporting, and confirmation of disk erasure
                              • Insured technicians that have passed background checks
                              • Certification of destruction and chain-of-custody documentation
                              • R2 Certified Recycling for all electronics waste remains
                              • Your staff can oversee destruction, eliminating risk of transporting live data
                              • Programs, reporting and records developed to meet NIST 800-88 standards

Should your electronic media be resold or recycled? How much will it cost if all devices have to be destroyed? We provide fast, accurate estimates.



Get the Highest Return on your Surplus IT Equipment

The first step to maximizing the value of IT asset disposal is taking an accurate inventory of your excess IT equipment. This free template will ensure you capture the most important data for generating accurate quotes.

The template will help you to:

  • Collect model and part numbers
  • Catalogue specifications
  • Note conditions and missing components
  • Address important logistics and service requirements
  • Submit the inventory for accurate quotation

Get the Free Inventory Workbook