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Richy George

Chief Revenue Officer / Partner

Richy George, an accomplished executive with 19 years of experience, is a trusted authority in IT asset disposal, data center decommissioning, data destruction, and electronic recycling. As the Chief Revenue Officer at IT Asset Management Group (ITAMG) and RefurbConnect, Richy has played a key role in establishing both companies as industry leaders.

With his expertise in the field, Richy has developed and implemented comprehensive solutions for secure IT disposal, data destruction, and certified refurbished equipment, serving organizations ranging from small businesses to Fortune 50 companies. His deep understanding of the complexities involved in managing the lifecycle of IT assets has allowed him to prioritize data security, environmental responsibility, and maximum value recovery for clients.

Richy has successfully guided hundreds of corporations through the intricate process of disposing of their surplus IT equipment securely and environmentally, ensuring adherence to stringent data privacy regulations (HIPAA, FACTA, GLBA), environmental standards R2/RIOS, and data destruction standard NAID AAA. Under his leadership, ITAMG has become a trusted provider for secure IT Asset Disposal (ITAD), data center decommissioning, and data destruction services, maintaining compliance with the highest data security standards NIST 800-88 and DoD 5220.22-M.

Committed to environmental sustainability and maximizing value recovery, Richy has been instrumental in the success of ITAMG and RefurbConnect, responsibly processing millions of pounds of e-waste annually. As an industry thought leader, he actively shares his knowledge through speaking engagements, webinars, and authored articles, educating organizations on best practices for IT asset management. Richy’s focus on delivering innovative solutions and exceptional customer service has established him as a go-to expert in the field.