richard sommers

Richard Sommers

Chief Executive Officer / Founder

Richard Sommers, CEO of IT Asset Management Group (ITAMG) since 1999, has driven the company to the forefront of IT asset disposal, data center decommissioning, data destruction, and recovery value maximization for decommissioned IT hardware. Over the years, Richard’s leadership has shaped ITAMG into a trusted name in providing secure, compliant, and environmentally conscious IT disposal solutions.

Richard’s extensive background covers every angle of electronic asset recovery and recycling. Under his guidance, ITAMG not only offers secure data destruction but also implements sustainable practices that enhance the lifecycle value of IT assets. His dedication to high industry standards is evident in ITAMG’s adherence to R2, ISO 14001, and NAID certifications.

Beyond business, Richard’s resilience through personal and economic challenges demonstrates his deep commitment to the company and its mission. His charitable efforts include donating thousands of computers to children in need, reflecting his dedication to community impact.

Respected by his team and industry peers, Richard emphasizes innovation, integrity, and teamwork. His hands-on leadership approach has been instrumental in establishing ITAMG as a leader in the IT asset disposal industry, trusted for both its expertise and ethical practices.