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Charles Veprek

Director of Business Development

Charles Veprek serves as the Director of Business Development at IT Asset Management Group (ITAMG), where he leverages over a decade of experience in IT asset disposition (ITAD) and electronics recycling. He leads a dedicated team focused on providing seamless service delivery from onsite data destruction to environmentally responsible disposal of electronic waste. Under his guidance, ITAMG excels in transforming decommissioned IT equipment into recovered value, ensuring all processes meet stringent data security and recycling certifications.

His team handles a range of projects, from small office equipment pickups to large-scale data center decommissions. Under his leadership, ITAMG not only focuses on operational excellence but also prioritizes customer satisfaction and stakeholder trust. This is achieved by maintaining open communication channels and continuously improving service delivery, from competitive pricing to expert program management. Charles’ ability to walk a mile in his clients’ shoes has made him a respected figure in the ITAD industry, trusted for his problem-solving capabilities and his dedication to exceeding client expectations.

Furthermore, Charles spearheads efforts to boost ITAMG’s brand awareness, actively engaging with existing and potential clients through social media. His strategy emphasizes education over sales, building trust and transparency and highlighting the critical importance of certified, secure IT asset disposal.

Charles also develops new business opportunities, broadening ITAMG’s services with existing clients and introducing new clients to the full suite of ITAMG’s industry-leading services. His adeptness at navigating complex regulatory environments and understanding market demands enables him to craft tailored solutions that optimize value recovery while mitigating risks.

Charles’ expertise and proactive business development efforts ensure ITAMG remains at the cutting edge of the ITAD sector, continuously adapting to technological advances and evolving customer needs, all while upholding the highest standards of data security, customer service, and environmental responsibility.