ITAD Transformation: From eWaste Cost Center to Sustainable Value Recovery | ITAMG

Presenter – Charles Veprek


Discover how ITAMG transformed a client’s IT asset disposition (ITAD) culture from viewing decommissioned IT equipment as eWaste to recognizing its immense potential for value recovery and sustainability. Learn how embracing ITAD as a key part of company culture can lead to significant financial and environmental benefits. ITAMG shares a compelling story of guiding leadership to change their perception of ITAD from a cost center to an opportunity for sustainable value recovery.

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I remember when we first started working with them. I think the culture at that organization was, if it’s it equipment that’s no longer being utilized, it’s garbage. And it was treated like garbage. And it was equipment that when it came into our facility, if it had been treated any differently, it would have yielded returns for this organization.

I think it was a very slow and steady process us, but it was continually meeting with leadership and educating and discussing how there were missed opportunities to take something that was a cost center. And therefore, I think that drove perception that its ass at this position is truly just a cost to an organization, to that leadership embracing the idea that there could be a second life for this equipment, which is going to help us not just from a value recovery standpoint, but also just from an overall sustainability standpoint.

And that customer, I mean, now it went from somebody who had some of the highest service fees from our clients in a year to now is getting some of the best value recovery of any of our clients. Just because the leadership bought into the concept that this equipment, if treated differently, could yield different result.