Data Destruction: Secure Your Business by Eliminating Retained Data Risks

Presenter – Frank Milia


Is your business at risk due to retained data? Don’t let your data become a liability! Discover why “data at rest is data at risk” and learn how secure data destruction can protect your company. Safeguard your assets, prevent unauthorized access, and ensure compliance with our expert data destruction services.

In this insightful episode of the ‘Defense in Depth’ podcast, our own Frank Milia dives deep into the dangers of retaining unnecessary data. Find out why holding onto data that doesn’t serve your business can expose you to theft, loss, and legal liabilities. Uncover the risks hiding in your data center and conference rooms, and take action to eliminate them before it’s too late.

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Transcript: The problem with retaining all of this data. If it’s not serving a purpose to the business and you’re not able to monetize it, and you have no regulatory or legal requirement to be holding it, you’re just holding liability. So if you look at fixed assets, for instance, that are in your data center cages or in conference rooms around your offices, how do you protect those points of intrusion that are possible there? As those assets are sitting around, they’re more likely to be accessed by unauthorized people. They can be stolen, they can be lost. There’s so many reasons to rid yourselves of data that you’re not able to, again, serve the business in any way. The faster you act, the better to rid yourself of that liability.