Safeguarding Data: ITAMG's Tailored Destruction Solutions for Every Industry

Presenter – Richy George


In this video, we dive deep into ITAMG’s comprehensive approach to secure data destruction. Discover how our expert team navigates the complexities of data erasure, ensuring maximum protection for your sensitive information. From NIST 800-88 purge erasure to tailored solutions for ad agencies, finance companies, and beyond, ITAMG has you covered.

Learn about our cutting-edge techniques, including 2mm shredding, which is becoming the new standard in data security. We’ll walk you through our rigorous process, mixing shredded drives into thousands of pounds of material before smelting, virtually eliminating any risk of data breaches.

Whether you’re handling matters of national security or safeguarding your business’s critical data, ITAMG is here to help. Our experienced professionals will work closely with you to assess your unique risk tolerance and deliver unparalleled data destruction solutions that provide peace of mind.

Don’t leave your data vulnerable. Trust ITAMG to securely destroy your hard drives and protect your sensitive information. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive data destruction services:

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10,000 donations of pcs and laptops throughout the history of the business. And it mostly comes from erasing the hard drives from customers, like Sean was saying, that have different risk tolerance levels on this. In my personal opinion, I don’t believe there’s a lot of risk at all to performing NIST 888 purge erasure on our drive and reusing it. But we’re also not dealing with issues of national security. So the NSA requirements that we could actually help customers meet, I don’t generally suggest to an ad agency or even a finance company.

So, I mean, the two millimeter shredding that Sean mentioned earlier is starting to become a bit of a trend in security. And when you look at what happens when we physically shred drives on site to, let’s say, 7 mm, it’s then mixed into thousands of pounds of mixed material and then put on truck loads and trailer loads where it smelted. So the real risk to your average business, very low. If a spaceship exploded and you can get data on it, that’s much more valuable information than. Than our customers are passing through us.