Protect Your Data: Proven ITAD Strategies for Secure Data Destruction

Presenter – Charles Veprek


Don’t let your company’s sensitive data fall into the wrong hands during IT asset disposal (ITAD). In this eye-opening video, ITAMG’s Director of Business Development, Charles Veprek, reveals the critical importance of having a well-documented data destruction plan. Discover the essential strategies for safeguarding your data, including data erasure, physical destruction, and creating a comprehensive data security document accessible to all users.

Without a clear data destruction plan, your company risks devastating data breaches and non-compliance penalties. Learn how to prioritize data security in your ITAD process and protect your company’s most valuable asset – its data. Don’t wait until it’s too late – watch now and take action to secure your data during IT asset disposal.

Need expert help creating a foolproof data destruction plan for your ITAD process? ITAMG’s data destruction services ensure your data is securely erased or physically destroyed, giving you peace of mind. Visit to learn more and safeguard your company’s data integrity.

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First, not having a well-documented data destruction or data security plan. I think a lot of companies will focus on other aspects of the ITAD process, and sometimes there isn’t a clearly defined expectation for what has to occur with the data, whether we’re talking data erasure, physical destruction, but having a document that could be pointed to across all users.