Precision in IT Asset Disposition: Automated Data Capturing for Error-Free ITAD Reporting

Presenter – Frank Milia


Discover the secret to unmatched data accuracy in IT asset disposition (ITAD) with ITAMG’s COO, Frank Milia. Unlike traditional methods reliant on manual data entry, ITAMG’s custom API integrates enterprise erasure tools with our ERP system, eliminating human error for cleaner, more reliable data. Experience the difference in ITAD reporting accuracy!

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One of the benefits of working with us is that our data back to you is super clean. So unlike some of our competitors who may be manually scanning serial numbers or even keying them into a spreadsheet or their inventory management system, we have built a custom API that connects our enterprise erasure tools with our ERP system. So that means serial number, model number, specs, all the critical information you want to know about your assets is coming from the bios level or a software tool, not a human being. This results in better, cleaner data for.