Maximizing ITAD ROI: Navigating Pitfalls of IT Equipment Disposal

Presenter – Frank Milia


Unlock the secrets to maximizing ROI on your IT asset disposition (ITAD) process! Join ITAMG’s experts as they reveal common ITAD pitfalls that can drain your value recovery. From locked devices to unexpected market shifts, learn actionable strategies to optimize your ITAD program and avoid costly mistakes.

Don’t let ITAD challenges catch you off guard. Our experienced team will guide you through the complexities of IT equipment disposal, sharing insider tips to ensure you get the most value back from your retired assets. Whether you’re dealing with iCloud locks, BIOS password issues, or unmanaged devices, we’ve got you covered.

Take control of your ITAD program today! Schedule a consultation with one of our ITAD experts to identify potential pitfalls and implement solutions tailored to your unique needs:

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The market shifts and changes and you don’t get the value back that you’re expecting to get back, or you and your vendor come up with a value based on the equipment being in good and working condition. And by the time it gets that vendor, it might not be so, or there’s disconnects between the disposing party, the organization that’s disposing of the IT equipment and the receiving party. So some common issues, you see customers that get rid of equipment and they’re locked, either some iCloud lock or some other software BIOS password lock. No one in the organization knows what the password is. No one knows how to clear it. Managed devices that somehow can’t get unmanaged. Those devices become worthless on the secondary market and need to be destroyed. So if you can imagine a large, robust program that was expecting six, seven figures back on their IT equipment, and they make a mistake like that, that budget is no longer actionable in any way.