Maximizing IT Asset Value Recovery: Expert Insights for Optimal Refresh Cycles

Presenter – Charles Veprek


Unlock the secrets to maximizing the value of your IT assets with our expert insights on optimal refresh cycles. Discover how to strike the perfect balance between asset value recovery, productivity, and efficiency. Learn the true value of your hardware and make informed decisions to optimize your IT asset management strategy.

Are you getting the most out of your IT assets? Our experts reveal the key factors to consider when determining the ideal refresh cycle for your organization. Find out how to calculate the true worth of your assets and make data-driven decisions that boost your bottom line.

Don’t let outdated equipment drag down your productivity. Our video explores the hidden costs of holding onto assets too long, including increased downtime and lost productivity. Learn how to determine the sweet spot for refreshing your IT assets to keep your organization running smoothly.

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When are you making a decision as an organization to change the IT equipment that you’re utilizing as an organization? And what are the financial benefits that could occur if you were to modify that, even if it’s just one year less? And then what are the potential returns that you’re going to receive on that? And not just looking at asset recovery from the financial standpoint of fair market value, but also looking at it from the perspective of downtime, whether we’re looking at downtime for employees or additional excess work for your IT team, utilizing a device for five, six, seven years, how many times does that device ultimately break down where some type of repair has to occur? Now you’re losing productivity not just from that end user, but you’re also losing time for that IT person whose overall expertise could be better used somewhere else inside the organization, and instead, they’re trying to do some type of break fix on that device