Maximize IT Asset Value with Effective ITAM and ITAD Strategies

Presenter – Charles Veprek

Discover the secret to maximizing the value of your IT assets! In this insightful video, ITAMG’s experts reveal how effective IT Asset Management (ITAM) fuels successful IT Asset Disposition (ITAD). Learn how comprehensive ITAM practices can significantly impact the overall value recovery from your IT assets, enabling informed decision-making for your IT asset strategy.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to optimize your IT asset lifecycle! Watch now and take the first steps towards unlocking the full potential of your IT assets.

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Asset disposal cannot be done well without good asset management practices in general. So depending on how well a company does asset management, they can achieve the things that you’re talking about. So can I see how many times this item has been deployed? How many times this asset has been worked on? How long at a warranty is it? What is our cost? Maybe they have insurance on the asset after the warranty. What is that insurance cost versus what is the depreciation during those years? Our involvement in the secondary market depreciation is going to be one of the least driving factors. If they were going to get $100 for that three year old laptop, or they were going to get $75 for that four year old laptop or whatever, it would be probably is not going to be the biggest driving factor. But when you add up all those factors together, it might be the thing that makes the appropriate choice for what our life cycle should be.