Maximize Financial Returns and Security with Strategic IT Asset Disposal (ITAD)

Presenter – Frank Milia


Unlock the financial benefits and fortify your organization’s security with a strategic approach to IT Asset Disposition (ITAD). Discover how optimizing your ITAD program can be a powerful catalyst for change, driving tangible ROI and mitigating cyber risks. Join ITAMG’s COO, Frank Milia, and Director of Business Development, Charles Veprek, as they shed light on the often-overlooked importance of proper data-containing device disposal.

Learn how focusing on the financial gains of enhancing your ITAD program can shift perceptions and prioritize this critical aspect of IT management. Explore ITAMG’s expert approach to ITAD and unlock the potential for significant cost savings and improved data security. Visit to discover how ITAMG can help you maximize the value of your retired IT assets while safeguarding your organization’s sensitive data.

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$60 million plus fines for inappropriate internal procedures and vetting of how data-containing devices are disposed of. But those are few and far between. In most organizations, cyber risk, disposal is still at the end of their to-do list of things to pay attention to. When you think about the cybersecurity risks across large enterprises, it’s there, it’s real. But I would still put that financial burden of a breach or that risk much lower of a catalog a catalyst for change than simply the financial results of improving our vendor, the financial results of improving our program are going to drive change and focus.