ITAMG & Northwell Health Unite for Sustainable Electronics Recycling on America Recycles Day

Presenter – Wendy Herrera


Discover how ITAMG and Northwell Health are leading the charge in sustainable electronics recycling. In this inspiring video, witness the impact of their collaborative employee collection event on America Recycles Day 2023. Northwell staff rallied together, donating over 1,600 lbs. of unwanted electronics from their homes, contributing to the mission of saving the planet, one device at a time.

Learn how ITAMG’s expert electronics recycling services and Northwell Health’s commitment to achieving net zero by 2050 are making a difference. By engaging employees and optimizing operations, they’re paving the way for a greener future. Join the movement and be part of the solution!

Discover how ITAMG can help your organization embrace sustainability through responsible computer recycling:

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Charles Veprek, ITAMG, Director of Business Development

Hey there, Charles from IT Asset Management Group. We’re here on America Recycle’s Day with our longtime friend and partner, Northwell Health. We’re out here collecting used IT equipment from their staff. We’re trying to promote sustainability, and we’re trying to do our small part for the community.

Amber Patino, Northwell Health, Director of Sustainability

Really expecting a great turnout today. So Northwell Health is committed to achieve net zero by 2050. In doing so, we really are looking at all of our operations, and top of mind is employee engagement. So this idea really came from our frontline staff, and that really spurred this conversation. So number one, doing what we can to then number two, engaging our employees. That’s a continuous journey for us on how we really are going to get there by 2050.

Charles Veprek, ITAMG, Director of Business Development

Today, our goal is going to be really simple. It’s the same goal that we have every day. We just want to save the planet one device at a time.