ITAD Insights: Maximizing Financial Returns & Sustainability through Strategic IT Asset Management

Presenter – Charles Veprek


In this insightful video, ITAMG’s COO Frank Milia and Director of Business Development Charles Veprek dive deep into the critical balance between maximizing financial returns and maintaining sustainable ITAD practices.

Discover how viewing decommissioned IT equipment as a potential revenue source, rather than a waste stream, can be the catalyst for an ITAD program that drives financial gains while supporting ESG and data security goals.

Learn how a sophisticated ITAD provider can deliver value-added services that not only boost your bottom line but also align with your organization’s sustainability objectives.

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Frank Milia: Unfortunately, to some degree, the bottom line and the money associated with the program is the most important driving factor for all customers. I think a lot of customers care about ESG, care about environmental compliance, care about data security. But at the end of the day, the value adds. That A more sophisticated provider might be able to provide is kind of hard to sell to leadership if the bottom finances aren’t there, or at least not close. Right.

Charles Veprek: So all the benefit that that organization ended up signing on to the catalyst for their attention was you’re going to get more money back if you treat this equipment differently. If you treat your program better and you treat your equipment better, your financial result is going to be higher.