Insider Look: ITAMG's Precision Laptop Packing Process for Secure IT Asset Disposition

Presenter – Frank Milia


Go behind the scenes with ITAMG’s COO, Frank Milia, as he unveils our meticulous laptop packing process, ensuring secure shipment of thousands of devices. Witness the precision and care in our IT asset disposition (ITAD) process, where each laptop is tagged and traced using our advanced inventory management system.

From custom partitioned boxes to palletized Gaylords, ITAMG’s cradle-to-grave approach guarantees the highest level of security and value for your IT equipment. Discover how our ITAD process sets the standard for tech logistics and inventory management in this revealing walkthrough.

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Right now, we’re packing a laptop order. We have thousands of laptops that we’re fulfilling an order for. As you can see here, we package the laptops in these banker boxes with these custom partitions in it that separate the laptop eight into each box. Each laptop has, like every other asset, barcode asset tag with the unique asset ID that ties us back to our inventory management system. We know what laptop this is, it’s an inventory, and we’re going to be scanning that in order to fulfill the orders. This would then get packaged into a five-wall gaylord, palletized, wrapped. We’ll put as many as 500 laptops onto a pallet. It’s pretty standard when we’re ready to ship. This is how we move laptops around, cradle to grave throughout the process.