Explosive Batteries & Chaotic Closets: The Hidden Dangers of Improper IT Asset Disposal

Presenter – Charles Veprek


Swelling batteries ready to explode, storage closets stuffed to the brim with old tech – the risks of improper e-waste disposal go far beyond data security! Discover the shocking hazards lurking in your IT asset storage practices. From #explosionhazards to #firesafety risks, improper #ewaste handling endangers your workplace. Don’t let your old tech become a ticking time bomb!

Learn how ITAMG’s expert #itad services can help you safely dispose of e-waste, eliminate safety risks, and take back control of your storage spaces. Say goodbye to overflowing #ewaste closets and hello to a safer, more organized workplace.

For more info on ITAMG’s secure, compliant, and efficient ITAD process, visit: https://www.itamg.com/services/computer-liquidation

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Frank Milia
There’s still risks there as well. There’s the way the customer is storing the batteries. Or you have an old laptop and there’s a swelling battery inside it, and that’s an explosion and fire hazard. Stacking pcs in your storage closet 9ft high.
Charles Veprek
Yeah, I was about to say. You mean to tell me that storage closet that everybody knows about but nobody likes to talk about?
Frank Milia
Yeah. You open the door and everything just comes out at you. Tripping hazards, fire safety hazards, getting out of that storage room when you’re inside it. All these things are something that making your disposal process more efficient. Bringing your disposal vendor in to take a look and point out where additional risks are. There’s a lot of things that you can unpack that might not be the most common thought when you think of disposal.