Effective End-of-Life IT Asset Management: Empowering People, Ensuring Compliance

Presenter – Frank Milia


Discover the secrets to successful end-of-life IT asset management with ITAMG’s COO, Frank Milia. Learn how to empower your team and ensure compliance through effective processes, training, and accountability. Maximize security and operational efficiency by mastering the critical human element in IT asset disposition.

At ITAMG, we understand the challenges of managing end-of-life assets. Our expert strategies help you navigate the complexities of IT asset management, focusing on the people behind the process. By providing your team with the right tools and oversight, you can achieve secure and compliant asset disposal while boosting overall productivity.

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It’s really a people problem because you have to have a process for dealing with your end-of-life assets, and then you have to have the training in place and the people being held accountable to do it and all the records management around that to prove that you’ve done it. Whether it’s for compliance or security, it’s a very difficult thing to accomplish because you need to give people the tools to be able to do it and then oversee it, which is never an easy thing to do in any business operation.