Data Destruction Policy: The Key to Safeguarding Your Company's Sensitive Information

Presenter – Frank Milia


In this eye-opening video, Frank Milia, COO of ITAMG, reveals the critical importance of implementing a robust data destruction policy for businesses of all sizes. Discover how encrypting, self-erasing, or utilizing onsite shredding services can help your company protect its most valuable asset: sensitive data. Don’t let your business fall victim to costly data breaches – learn how to prioritize data security and safeguard your reputation today.

At ITAMG, we understand the vital role data destruction plays in protecting your company’s sensitive information. Our comprehensive data destruction process ensures that your data is securely erased, giving you peace of mind knowing that your confidential information is protected.
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Problem with mom and pops is they usually don’t have a budget for this sort of thing, so they go with the easiest route and the cheapest route. But I would argue it’s very important that no matter what size a company gets, that they do have internal processes before the handoff to a firm like ours. So whether that be encryption before handoff or they’re erasing the machines themselves and then having the lease return or the equipment go out to the disposal vendor, there’s certainly all types of onsite treading and the growing options and things like that that relieve the customer from those requirements. But every organization really needs our services in some way, no matter how big or small, because eventually they still need to have that handoff.