Data Destruction: Best Practices for Secure Hard Drive Shredding & Verification

Presenter – Frank Milia


Looking for the best practices in data destruction and hard drive shredding? In this video, ITAMG’s COO Frank Milia shares expert insights on the critical aspects of verification and reconciliation during the destruction process. Learn how to go beyond basic vendor certifications and implement practices that meet or exceed regulatory standards for data security and compliance.

Discover the importance of thorough reconciliation and witnessing during hard drive shredding to ensure your sensitive data is truly destroyed. Don’t settle for just a serial number scan – protect your organization from potential regulatory risks with ITAMG’s comprehensive data destruction services.

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The quality of that verification and the quality of the service that’s being provided. And by that I mean, so what do we mean by certified? In this quote, many times an organization says, I have 200 hard drives. The vendor comes, scans the serial numbers, gives that back to the organization, says, I certify that I did this. Is that really a reasonable amount of proof that they’ve handed you an inventory back? There was no reconciliation done. There was no witness of it being performed. So these things really matter when it comes down to having to answer to a regulator or, you know, looking at, did this event actually happen or not?