Data Controllers' Crucial Role in Data Protection: Safeguarding Your Liability

Presenter – Frank Milia


Data protection is paramount, and as a data controller, the responsibility falls squarely on your shoulders. Even when outsourcing to vendors, liability for data security cannot be transferred. Learn the critical steps you must take to safeguard protected data and mitigate your organization’s risk.

In this video, ITAMG’s Frank Milia dives deep into the vital role of data controllers in ensuring data privacy and security. Discover the essential practices you need to implement, especially under stringent regulations like GDPR, to protect your client’s sensitive information through ironclad contractual agreements and rigorous organizational measures.

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The responsibility for protecting the access to protected data is disproportionately the data controllers. You can go out and hire a vendor to perform these services, but there actually is no legal way to transfer that liability. You can sue them for not adhering to their contract and agreement if they perform poorly and it leads to a breach. But so much of the legwork is really done at the organization that that is the data controller in order to set this up correctly. For instance, for GDPR, you have this more strict prescriptive means for having to protect your data, your client data, including contractual agreements if you send that data off-site to a partner. There’s so many things that weave into this subject, certainly.