Apple Liquidators

Asset disposal services for Mac computers and mobile devices

IT Asset Management Group buys and sells all types of Apple products including MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, iPad and Mac Mini computers. 

We can provide your firm with brokerage services, consignment sale, and most commonly cash offers for your surplus and used Apple brand equipment. 



Why We Want Apple:

  • Historically holds value longer than most other brands of computer equipment
  • Strong domestic market for sale and reuse
  • Able to refurbish and sell to consumer market
  • A major global product with high brand awareness and a strong product reputation

Common Apple Equipment Liquidated:

Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch - MC975LL/A    iPad 2
iMac 21.5-inch Quad-Core i5 - MD093LL/A
Apple MacBook Pro 17-inch - MC725LL/A    iPad 3 iMac 27-inch Quad-Core i5 - ME088LL/A
Apple MacBook Air 13-inch - MC965LL/A    iPad 4 Mac Mini Core i5 - MGEQ2LL/A
Apple Mac Pro Quad-Core - MD770LL/A
   iPhone 5
Apple LED Thunderbolt Display 27-inch
Apple Mac Pro 2x Quad-Core - MC561LL/A    iPhone 6   
Apple Magic Mouse and Wireless Keyboard

Taking an accurate inventory is the first step to maximizing the value of excess IT equipment.  Download our inventory template today and make sure to provide the full Apple Part Number and Serial Number in order to receive an accurate quote from ITAMG.

Tips & Inventory Template


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