Expert Moving Services

IT Relocation and Removal

IT Relocation: protecting your computer equipment and technology assets

Don’t let expensive IT equipment get damaged in transit. We safely move data centers, telecommunications gear, large power systems, and other crucial IT assets.

Why You Need ITAMG Removal and Relocation Services


Expert Removal

Our well-trained staff ensures equipment is properly disassembled and packed for shipping. Our technicians are prepared to dismantle and relocate any type of data center, telephony, or desktop asset including power systems and cabling.


Safe Relocation

We get your equipment to its new home and help get it up and running as soon as possible. Our firm has been safely moving computers, tape libraries, UPS systems, servers, and delicate IT devices since 1999.


Planning for Success

We develop a detailed project plan including key scheduling, designs, cabling, removal and installation requirements. We then complete the project with staff augmentation or providing basic logistics support.

Mike Alba

“Dealing with ITAMG has been a privilege to my company. They are very fast and efficient which allows for a smooth process from start to finish.”

Michael Alba

IT Procurement, Consumer Reports

Let Our Experts Handle Removal and Relocation

Reduce Risk of Damage to Sensitive Components

Moving Your Data Center?

We know what it takes to inventory your IT equipment, prepare it for safe passage to your new location, and reinstall it.  We can breakdown your existing data center including the removal of all power, cabling, racks, overheads and even HVAC. 

Workforce Reductions?

Whether moving to a bigger or smaller space we can help you plan your new desktop deployment and develop a relocation program that meets your needs and budget.  Our solutions supplement or replace your existing resources. 

new IT Infrastructure?

Don't pay to move equipment that you will not be using and lower your project costs by liquidating IT equipment. Let our experts clear the way for new equipment and get maximum value for your retired gear.

Moving to the Cloud?

We can help you estimate the value of your surplus servers, storage and networking equipment and pay you a premium price for them.  You can rely on our expert technicians to wipe data and remove your systems for sale or responsible recycling.  

What if your equipment is worth less than the cost of shipping, teardown, and setup? Should it be resold or recycled? We provide fast, accurate estimates.



Get the Highest Return on your Surplus IT Equipment

The first step to maximizing the value of IT asset disposal is taking an accurate inventory of your excess IT equipment. This free template will ensure you capture the most important data for generating accurate quotes.

The template will help you to:

  • Collect model and part numbers
  • Catalogue specifications
  • Note conditions and missing components
  • Address important logistics and service requirements
  • Submit the inventory for accurate quotation

Get the Free Inventory Workbook