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Hard Drive Shredding For Businesses

IT Asset Management Group excels in providing top-tier hard drive shredding services and hard drive destruction service tailored for every business size, offering both on-site hard drive shredding and off-site hard drive shredding nationwide. Our approach to secure hard drive destruction and certified hard drive shredding ensures adherence to the strictest data security standards, making us the top data destruction company for secure hard drive shredding services. With the capacity to securely shred up to 20,000 drives daily on site, we stand out for our certified data destruction capabilities, including HIPAA compliant hard drive destruction and NIST data destruction, catering to the needs of small, medium, and large enterprises seeking reliable hard disk drive destruction service.


Our services extend beyond hard drive disposal to encompass both on-site and off-site hard drive shredding services, ensuring your data is handled with the highest level of security and compliance. As a leader in the field of data destruction services, IT Asset Management Group is dedicated to providing data destruction and hard drive shredding services that meet and exceed regulatory standards. Our commitment to offering certified, secure, and efficient data destruction solutions positions us as a trusted partner for businesses looking to protect their information integrity in a compliant and secure manner.

Why You Need ITAMG Hard Drive Shredding Services


Risk Management

Shredding disks and other storage media makes it impossible to access the data, dramatically reducing your risk of data breach and leak exposure.


On-Site Operations

Our mobile hard drive shredding unit comes to your business site so you can monitor and approve the destruction operation.


Regulatory Compliance

Shredding processes that helps your firm comply with HIPAA, HITECH, Red Flags, Gramm-Leach-Bliley, and other key standards.

Azad Molloy

“I’ve been using ITAMG a couple of years now for on-site data destruction. They’ve been able to accommodate me on a timeline that fits my schedule anytime I call for service. Punctuality, professionalism, communication and ease of doing business with ITAMG makes me a satisfied client.”

Azad Khan

IT Asset Manager, Molloy College

Shred the Hopes of Data Thieves

Combine Secure Shredding with Clean Recycling

Keep Private Data Secure

Data thieves crave access to discarded disk drives. Shredding hard drives into tiny pieces makes it functionally impossible to access stored data.

Depend on Clean Recycling

We work only with R2-certified downstream providers and ensure that shredded drive parts are never illegally exported.

Certified, Insured Service

We provide certificates documenting the destruction of IT components. Our services are insured and our staff is highly trained.

Coast-to-Coast Availability

We provide shredding services to businesses anywhere within the lower 48 states of the U.S. and provide global coverage for on-site data destruction, degaussing, and mechanical media destruction.

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