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Clean Computer Recycling

Electronics and Computer Recycling: Doing your part for the planet

We follow the highest environmental standards when recycling your obsolete IT equipment.  ITAMG will work with you to achieve your company's green initiatives including ISO 14001 and LEED certifications.

Why You Need ITAMG Computer Recycling


Downstream protection

We carefully select downstream recycling partners to ensure they abide by R2 recycling standards. We keep our partner list small to simplify your audits of our program and reduce risks downstream for all.


Landfill-Free Policy

We reduce eWaste to its commodity materials and ship to companies that put them back into the production chain.


Full Compliance

We ensure your eWaste recycling practices abide by local, state and federal regulations along with key industry standards. Our facility is certified to environmental management standards of ISO 14001.  

Jaret L

“Coming from an FDA compliant company, ISO compliance was very important to us. ITAMG provides all the necessary certificates to meet these strict requirements.”

Jaret L.

IT Manager, Multiple Large Organizations

Reuse or Recycle: Everyone wins

How Our No-Landfill Policy Helps Your Company

The Last Resort

Make recycling your last resort. We make every effort to resell IT components that still have market value. Only the parts that are truly obsolete are dismantled and recycled.

Meet Your ‘Green’ Goals

Environmentally friendly recycling of computers, drives, servers, and mobile devices can help you meet company-wide sustainability goals.

Legal and Above Board

We never illegally incinerate or export electronic waste. Our staff members are highly trained and our facility and partners are regularly audited.

Donate Your Retired Devices

We can help you determine if your retired IT equipment is suitable for donation to charitable organizations and nonprofits. We design custom programs to facilitate the donation of thousands of machines to children and families in high need areas.

Should your IT equipment be resold or recycled? How much will it cost if all devices have to be destroyed? We provide fast, accurate estimates.



Get the Highest Return on your Surplus IT Equipment

The first step to maximizing the value of IT asset disposal is taking an accurate inventory of your excess IT equipment. This free template will ensure you capture the most important data for generating accurate quotes.

The template will help you to:

  • Collect model and part numbers
  • Catalogue specifications
  • Note conditions and missing components
  • Address important logistics and service requirements
  • Submit the inventory for accurate quotation

Get the Free Inventory Workbook