ITAMG and PowerMyLearning

Secure Disposal to Donation

We know that you want to help students and schools that need computers and access to technology driven education.  We also understand you have a busy IT department to run with security, financial, compliance and operational requirements. This program covers you on all!

Key Features of the Progam:

  • A plan for budgeting and allocation of equipment
  • Packaging, removal, and transport of equipment
  • Detailed inventory reporting and certificates of destruction
  • Data destruction to NAID, NIST 800-88 and DoD standards
  • Recycling in compliance with R2 Certification, RIOS and all local, state, and federal laws

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Certified Recycling Solutions

With ITAMG’s eWaste recycling services you can rest easy knowing your surplus computer equipment will never end up in a landfill or be illegally exported. We are R2 and RIOS certified to securely and safely handle end of life electronics in an environmentally friendly manner.

Secure Data Destruction

Incorrectly managing data containing devices at disposal can lead to costly beaches. We provide NIST 800-88 compliant data destruction services that will eliminate your risk of exposure. Our service options include on and off-site hard drive shredding, DoD x3 binary wiping, and media destruction solutions for optical, flash, tape media, and devices of all types. Contact us today to help you design a secure solution for your business.

We’re Here When You’re Ready

Our knowledgeable consultants are happy to have a discussion and help you develop a secure and user friendly IT asset disposal program. There is no contract too big or project too small for us to have a chat about. Call us today at 877.625.4872