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We know a thing or two about IT asset disposal RFPs from answering thousands of them since 1999.  Feel free to submit your RFP here or let us know how we can help you write questions that will help your firm choose the right vendor for your program.

Submit the adjacent form and a senior ITAMG staff member will be assigned to your RFP or schedule a call to work with you to draft an RFP that will cover the concerns of the various financial, security, compliance, real estate, and technology stakeholders at your organization.

Key RFP Consultation Features Include:

  • Understanding your infrastructure and real estate
  • Providing a snapshot of asset management
  • Establishing key service level requirements
  • Providing key performance indicators
  • Documenting internal and external regulatory and legal requirements of a service engagement

 Typical Client Scenarios

  • Technology Refreshes
  • Mergers, Acquisitions, and Bankruptcy
  • Cloud migration initiatives
  • Data Center Shut Downs
  • Sourcing a single global contractor

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“IT Asset Management Group is a trusted and reputable partner of ours. We have used ITAMG for firms that are closing, downsizing or looking to part ways with older technology and use the proceeds to upgrade equipment. The ITAMG staff is a pleasure to work with.”

Bill McGee

Managing Partner, SoundView IT Solutions, LLC

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Certified Recycling Solutions

With ITAMG's eWaste recycling services you can rest easy knowing your surplus computer equipment will never end up in a landfill or be illegally exported.  We are R2, NAID AAA, and RIOS certified to securely and safely handle end of life electronics in an environmentally friendly manner.


Download Inventory Guide

The first step to maximizing the value of IT asset disposal is taking an accurate inventory of your excess IT equipment. This free template will ensure your capture the most important data for generating accurate quotes. Dowloand our guide here to ensure you're getting the most accurate quote and highest returns from your ITAD vendor.


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Our knowledgeable consultants are happy to have a discussion and help you develop a secure and user friendly IT asset disposal program.  There is no contract too big or project too small for us to have a chat about.  Call us today at 877.625.4872