NIST 800-88

Documented Data destruction

ITAMG uses NIST 800-88 guidelines to ensure that sensitive data on your unwanted IT equipment cannot fall into the wrong hands. We stand out from other ITAD service providers because our employees, and senior leadership understand every aspect of the NIST 800-88 Guidelines for Media Sanitization.

There are no shortcuts to running a secure, documented, and audit-proof program.  We are here to help you fill in the gaps of your process or provide a complete system for a successful and compliant NIST 800-88 driven data destruction program. 

Why You Need to Follow NIST 800-88



Surplus IT equipment can contain company secrets, health information, passwords, and other valuable data prized by hackers and cyber criminals. Following NIST 800-88 data-destruction standards significantly reduces the risk of unauthorized access to this data as a result of careless disposal practices.



Data breaches can lead to lawsuits that cost your company millions of dollars. In addition to legal fees there are heavy costs associated with breach management, notifications to the affected, and lost business and consumer confidence.  Following the NIST 800-88 guidelines make sense for your IT operation and your business's bottom line. 

Jaret L

“ISO compliance was very important to us. ITAMG provides all the necessary certificates to meet these strict requirements. I’ve also used their DOD hard drive wipes and shredding of the physical hard drives”

Jaret L.

IT Manager, Multiple Large Organizations

How NIST 800-88 Compliant Destruction Works

Clearing and Purging

Devices that will be resold or reused must have all data rendered unusable.

Clearing means overwriting or formatting drives. When disposing of equipment clearing is not an approved method and we will only provide purging to the NIST 800-88 Purge binary wiping standard. (The Secure Erase command is a purging option for ATA drives.)

Purging also includes degaussing to create a magnetic field that destroys data as well as physical destruction. Physical destruction works best with damaged media, diskettes, threats to National Security and drives that otherwise cannot be overwritten.


Obsolete, highly confidential, or unusable media needs to be destroyed and broken down for recycling.

ITAMG uses NIST 800-88 guidelines to deploy shredding equipment that breaks hard drives, smartphones, and other electronic devices into tiny shards that are then recycled in compliance with our R2 certification requirements.

Our mobile-shredding unit can destroy data at your work site, protecting the chain of custody of any sensitive data on your equipment.

Looking for more details on NIST 800-88? Download our Quick NIST 800-88 Guide.