R2 Recycling

 recycling waste responsibly


Don’t worry about your electronic waste poisoning the planet.

By following R2 Recycling guidelines ITAMG makes every effort to return base metals and other commodities to the production cycle so they can be sustainably reused.




Avoid run-ins with regulators dedicated to keeping electronic waste out of landfills.


Asset Recovery

Recapture any remaining value in your computers, servers, and other IT equipment.



Amplify your reputation as a supporter of sustainable business practices.

A Clean Conscience

Nobody wants to think their business practices are making the Earth less liveable. Partnering with a dedicated R2 recycler ensures your company is doing its part to leave a cleaner planet to future generations.

Azad Molloy

“While asset control is very important, an added benefit is to receive monetary payment for assets that can be repurposed. I have and will continue to recommend IT Asset Management Group to anyone that needs these services.”

Jaret L.

IT Manager, Multiple Large Organizations

How Our electronics recycling Policy Works

IT equipment and other electronics cannot biodegrade so they have no business in a landfill. That’s why ITAMG makes every effort to reuse, refurbish, and recycle surplus IT equipment. Here’s how we keep eWaste out of landfills:


We look over every component of your electronic equipment to determine what has market value or remaining usability.


We’ll get you a fair price for equipment that still has value. Our vast secondary market experience and refurbishing expertise provides us the highest returns, resulting in more shares to your firm.


If your equipment still has plenty of usable life left in it, we’ll donate it to nonprofits and others who really need it.


Unusable equipment gets stripped down to its component parts.  We handle eWaste in compliance with R2 requirements for the safety of our employees and health of our environment. 


Our shredding machines breakdown electronic into tiny pieces. Our mobile shredding unit can do this at your place of business for thousands of devices in a single work day.


We send unusable electronics to certified and audited partners who never incinerate, illegally export, or dump focus materials in landfills.


We follow all EPA and DEC guidelines as well as local, state and local regulations. We also abide by industry best practices for safety, security, and sustainability.

How much revenue can you generate by globalizing your IT asset disposition? We provide fast, accurate estimates.