how it all works

Removing, Liquidating, and Recycling Surplus IT Equipment

Here’s a step-by-step look at how we help you dispose of unwanted IT equipment.


We’ll help you assess IT asset-disposal needs at no cost. We need to know:

  • Quantity and models of equipment
  • Your approximate time frame or deadlines
  • Detailed specs for machines where possible
  • Pictures or a site visit can speed up the quotation process
  • Download our inventory template to get an accurate valuation

We can process most quotes within two business days of receiving qualified information.


SoW or Master Agreement

We can create a detailed statement of work or master agreement that ensures safe, secure, and compliant IT asset disposition. This includes:

  • Service levels including agreement on reporting standards and key performance metrics
  • Establishes critical insurance requirements
  • Provides framework for all compliance and environmental obligations
  • Breakdown of the work we will do: market value assessment, removal, recycling, and approved data destruction methods
  • Details location and site requirements where the work will take place
  • Time frame from kickoff to project reporting and financial reconciliations

Scheduling & Collection

Our trained movers and technicians do all the heavy lifting:

  • Schedule a pickup within 10 business days of agreement, many times sooner
  • We package and prepare all equipment for moving where needed
  • A basic or detailed inventory and work order is signed off on at removal service
  • Equipment is loaded and transported to our processing site

We schedule promptly and our professional crews move quickly and quietly to not disturb your working environment.


Equipment Processing

All applicable equipment is carefully and meticulously processed, where we:

  • Document serial number, model number, asset tags, and other critical asset level attributes
  • Remove asset tags and client identifiers from machines
  • Prepare usable gear for resale, donation, or refurbishment
  • Disassemble and recycle all waste to R2 certification requirements
  • Perform and document appropriate data destruction methods
  • Document final destination of equipment whether reused or recycled

We also perform similar work at client sites, including data destruction and inventorying services.


Reporting & Reconciliation

Finally, within 30 days of equipment collection we send you detailed project reports that include:

  • Line-item accounting of costs and asset recovery prices
  • Serialized asset reports including data destruction methods performed.
  • Conditions of equipment and descriptions of any issues or missing components
  • Certificates of destruction and letter of recycling for all unwanted IT equipment are provided to client.

How much revenue can you generate by globalizing your IT asset disposition?
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