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Inspiredu and ITAMG provide unique asset management programs that enable organizations to dispose of their computer equipment in a secure manner and re-distribute computers to families and students in high poverty areas. 

This program was designed to satisfy stakeholders at large companies that do not allow computer donations due to data security, environmental, legal, or other regulatory requirements. Please join us today in making a real impact through digital learning.



Partner With Us And You Will Achieve:


Secure Disposal

This unique partnership program makes it easy for you to securely dispose of your equipment and make a measured
social impact without the liabilities associated with donating IT equipment.


Corporate Social Responsibility

Enhance your company's commitment to assisting under served communities.  With this program you can help thousands of students achieve through digital learning with little to no cost to your firm.


Environmental Initiatives

Environmental compliance is always first and foremost here at ITAMG.  This program adheres to all environmental, security, and safety guidelines and operates out of our ISO 14001 and R2 certified recycling facility.

“We have donated over 10,000 of our own computer stock to children in need. I knew an even bigger impact could be made by breaking down the barriers that stop large corporations from donating surplus computer equipment.  This program does just that."

Richard Sommers

President, IT Asset Management Group

secure disposal program with a social mission


Create a self-sustaining program that directs as much computer equipment to students as fiscally possible.  Focuses on delivering the type of equipment that supports Inspiredu’s operation and mission.  Fund the program by provisioning liquidation returns to support equipment ear marked for donation.  

Enterprise Disposal

All types of equipment is disposed of through a single secure source that meets the requirements of all stakeholders.  Take advantage of ITAMG's secure disposal services, asset recovery expertise, and industry leading data destruction methods from the desktop to the data center.  

Logistics and Processing

ITAMG is responsible for collecting, processing, data destruction, recycling, selling, and donation of equipment.  A custom program will be developed just for you and every service level is available.  Our detailed serialized reports include by line item what devices were reused and distributed to students.

Hardware Distribution

Inspiredu handles all distribution of computers to students in low-income communities.  They provide software, training, and support to schools and students in high need areas.  The equipment is tracked from disposal source to donation and your firm can be recognized in writing from Inspiredu for the contribution to the mission.


Partner with ITAMG + Inspiredu

Schedule a meeting with the ITAMG and Inspiredu team to see how we can work together.

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We will design a custom program for your company that will benefit students and families without any of the risks or obstacles commonly associated with donating surplus IT equipment.



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