World’s Biggest Physical Data Breaches: Visualized

Ever hear of this thing called “big data”? It is hard to visualize reams of information and how to make them useful, especially when it comes to understanding all the different kinds of data breaches and industries most effected. Creative engineers and information designers are helping the masses better make use of all this information available to us today.

There is an excellent project that the inventor of one of our favorite internet and mobile games has been working on that helps highlight this growing problem by illustrating just how much is at risk regarding data breaches.

What does this all mean?

Ever wonder how many recorded data breaches have taken place in the financial sector in the last five years? Or, how about the number of records over 30,000 that have been compromised due to the theft of stolen media or a stolen computer?


ITAMG helps our clients protect themselves from physical data breaches that often happen when desktops, laptops, servers and even printers are retired from active use. The healthcare, academic and financial industries make up a large part of our business.

Quick Analysis

  • Academic & financial institutions seems to have tightened their security since the mid 2000 – or become less attractive targets
  • Gaming sites, cumulatively, account for the biggest data breaches
  • Healthcare is truly truly leaky – a very worrying trend – with over 50% of the breaches coming from stolen or lost computers
  • Accidental publishing seems to be a growing trend – recently with Facebook granting inadvertent access to 6 million records

David’s work can be explored here and the full range of ITAMG services offered that can help your organization not show up in the dataviz can be read about on the ITAMG website, our LinkedIN page or even our exclusive BBM Channel (C000D71D4).