Revisiting “What Does A Gigabit Network Really Mean?”

Back in April, the ITAMG blog touched on what does a gigabit network really mean.

‘Without these (data infrastructure) investments, the US will struggle to lead in the development of next generation internet applications.” April 26th, 2013, ITAMG

Our good friends over at the well known technology blog and research firm, GigaOM have recently wrote an article where senior writer, Stacy Higginbotham interviewed the CTO of broadband provider CenturyLink.

Within the story, one of the driving forces behind the promotion of gigabit networks within higher education, Gig U, was brought up.

Original GigaOM Article:


GigaOmCenturyLink is planning to upgrade parts of its network to

gigabit speeds with fiber to the home deployments in

Las Vegas and Omaha, Neb.In an interview, CenturyLink

CTO Matt Beal explains why.

With media heavy weights like GigaOM and companies like CenturyLink paying even more attention to broadband build outs in the US and what those mean to our finest educational institutions, things are looking up for a gigabit reality.

As this newer technology and related hardware is rolled out at campuses across the country, what will this mean for the environment, IT asset disposition (ITAD), and data security?

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