Do you provide a CG 2010 / CG 2037 or similar?

These policies are typically for contractors, trade and construction firms and are not applicable for IT asset disposal services.

We typically will not write COG 2010, 2037, or similar policies since the services we are providing are not construction or trade by nature.

These types of insurances are for ongoing and completed coverage to protect the building and tenants from work being performed. For instance if an electrical contractor is in the act of wiring a building and causes a fire it would be covered under the ongoing coverage. If that contractor leaves the work site, and faulty wiring causes a fire months after the wiring was done, the accident would be covered under the ongoing coverage policy.

These types of policies are not applicable for the low-impact removal and recycling of IT equipment. We generally get waivers with most building management companies once the scope of work we are performing is understood. It is becoming more common that buildings are requiring these types of policies and where possible we will work with your building to accomplish whatever is needed.

If your building has a zero waiver policy of these insurance requirements contact your Account Manager and we will be happy to discuss your options.

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